Me speaking at EdgeConf 2015

I’m Nolan Lawson – software developer, former Androidian, and American millennial ex-expatriate. After stints in Ottawa, Geneva, and New York, I returned to Seattle, where I work as a Web Platform PM for Microsoft Edge. In my spare time, I might be found hacking on PouchDB or Mastodon.

This blog represents my own thoughts, and not that of my employer. Hopefully that’s clear from the casual (and sometimes irreverent!) tone.

I blog a lot. It’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut. You can find me:


A native of the Seattle area, I studied linguistics and computational linguistics at the University of Washington. I maintain an interest in human intelligence, machine intelligence, and how we can use technology to bridge the gap between the two.

These days, though, I’m mostly all about mobile, the web, and the increasingly blurred lines between what separates an “app” from a “web site.” In the past, I’ve written native Android apps, webapps, and everything in between.


Just one so far!

Annotating large email datasets for named entity recognition with Mechanical Turk (2010)


For bugs and feature requests, please file an issue on GitHub. To get in touch, here’s my email.

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