Me speaking at EdgeConf 2015

I’m Nolan Lawson, a web developer living in Seattle. Facts about me:

  • works at Salesforce
  • ex-Microsoft, ex-Squarespace
  • lived abroad in Ottawa and Geneva
  • major contributor to PouchDB
  • Mastodon fan and creator of pinafore.social

I also love to write. Online, you can find me:

See my Keybase profile for all my verified online accounts.


A native of the Seattle area, I studied linguistics and computational linguistics at the University of Washington. I used to do a lot of machine learning and natural language processing, but these days I’m more interested in web frontend topics like performance and offline-first. I’ve also dabbled heavily in Android app development.


Just one so far!

Annotating large email datasets for named entity recognition with Mechanical Turk (2010)


For bugs and feature requests, please file an issue on GitHub. To get in touch, here’s my email.