Moments when I opened my mouth and didn’t close it again for a considerable amount of time.

Date Talk Notes Slides Favorite
October 2022 CSS Runtime Performance All about how style and layout calculation work in the browser, and how you can improve their performance as a web dev. 📃 🌟
August 2020 Taming memory leaks in JavaScript How to analyze memory leaks in web apps, and why they matter. 📃 🌟
September 2017 Web performance in the real world: How to make fast websites The performance goals of browser developers and web developers are somewhat at odds. What can we learn from browser performance teams, though, and how can it help us build faster websites? 📃 🌟
December 2016 Solving the web performance crisis Across the web, JavaScript bundle sizes are increasing, and page load times are suffering as a result. How can we have our JavaScript cake and eat it too? 📃 🌟
December 2016 Service Worker and the appification of the web We all want to “move the web forward,” but what does that mean? And how can we fit Service Worker into the larger story of the web? 📃 🌟
October 2016 Offline, progressive, and multithreaded: a peek at webapps of the future I lay out three principles for performant Progressive Web Apps:
offline-first design, progressive rendering, and multithreaded JavaScript.
August 2016 We can work it out: from Web Workers to Service Workers Same talk as below, more or less. 📃
August 2016 Demystifying Web Workers and Service Workers Web Workers help reduce jank; Service Workers have an additional superpower: adding offline capabilities. I debut as a means of demystifying them.
📃 🌟
June 2016 Progressive web apps: a love story I talk about my journey from native Android development to web development, and why I’m betting on the web. 📃 🌟
May 2016 I like the way you work it: all about Web Workers I talk about how Web Workers can defeat jank thanks to the power of background threads. 📃
March 2016 Taking advantage of Service Workers and Web Workers With Gleb Bahmutov. I cover Web Workers, he covers Service Workers. 📃
June 2015 Frontend Data Panel talk surveying the landscape of options for storing data in the browser. 📃 🌟